Feature: WilldaBEAST

Highlighting our culture, one dance or outfit  at a time. 

Aaron Smith | Culture Contributor

What do you get when you mix fast toe-tapping, sassy facials and a dancing beast? You get this amazing dance video from choreographer Willdabeast Adams. Adams hails from Indianapolis, IN, with a dream to become a well recognized choreographer. He has become a world phenomenon, all through the technology of YouTube and Instagram. Adams has been choreographing for multiple years and uploading his new creations to his popular webpage, which has recently grown into a dance mecca. His videos have grown in popularity, especially with his recent growth in stardom. Adams recently released his first class video of the New Year, which set the tone for his upcoming year. He came out with a bang and not holding anything back. He shows the true reason why he is referred to as WilldaBEAST. His monstrous, fast-paced choreo shows his talent for musicality and creativity, and his hunger and passion for his craft. He shows his audiences and classes that if he, a young man from Indy with a dream, can make it as far as he has, then it’s possible for anyone to follow their dreams. Adams’ beastly moves and passion are shown in all of his videos. He posts to inspire and not to show-off, and everyone should have a common knowledge of his dance choreography. Take a look at some of his most recent, as well as past videos and see his journey from amateur videos, to professionally shot concept choreos. Understand that it only takes a dream and a passion to fulfill it, and anything is possible.

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