Feminism and the LGBTQ community


There is no question it is more acceptable to be a homosexual female then it is to be a homosexual male. however, many people are under the impression that it is all unicorns and rainbows. I have news straight community. It isn’t! Especially being homosexual and a black woman. To our families we are going against the grain, known as the black sheep, because society has colonized us to follow their godly rules! From growth to going to educational institutions(especially religious schools) to religion itself has downplay accepting the LGBT community. To society, they have never given the thought that maybe we didn’t pick this path. From birth they pushed us away from the “sinful” path telling us that “Anything other than heterosexuality is a sin and we will burn in hell for it”. Blah. Blah. Blahh. All that mumbo jumbo bull shit! The fear of homosexuality within the parent will always take a toll on the homosexual chil. Yes? The child hides themselves only to project a painted image for the families eyes so that your aunt, uncle, or grandma wouldn’t have something new to gossip about. To save the embarrassment of being the laughing stock. But what’s more fatal being the black sheep or having a damaged child?

In America as a bisexual woman I have had the titles “weirdo”, “queer”,and “faggot” thrown at me in many circumstances. I have had conversations about my sexuality with ladies that are unquestionably straight. The most frequent starter of this conversation has always been, “Why do you like girls?”. I have always wanted to reply with a bitchy response like “Why are you still with that cheating man?”, but have always kept it classy and replied with “I don’t know. I love who I love”. Nevertheless, the conversation 90% of the time takes a turn for the worst with bashing of how bisexual women have more chances of catching and spreading STD’s. Not even being a proven fact! But what’s the best way to piss someone gay off? Tell them about how they’re a health risk to the population. Saying ” being bisexual isn’t something to be proud of. Y’all carry diseases infecting both sexes… This is why AIDS and stuff are flowing around”. What ignorance?

This is no better than being slut shamed because a woman has had multiple sex partners! This is no better than being called the “N-word”by an aggressive white men. Y’all maybe disagree with me, but you wouldn’t understand the pain of being called faggot or weird or any other gay slur! Haven’t to hide out like a slaves being chased by bloodhounds because you fear for your wellbeing. It’s always been run or be killed by society for me because it’s a bloody picture up ahead for being different! And we know how master feel about negroes who want to be different.

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