Being a black student at Butler is confusing. It is confusing because due to your black skin, you are profiled, persecuted and made into a pariah by the people in this community. Then, when you voice your concerns, your identity is literally stripped and you are called “anonymous”. And this is all done in the name of “Achieving the Greatest Good for Butler University”. So at Butler, you are confronted and persecuted because of your identity, and then to address your problems, your identity is stripped…?

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  1. I just want to address the “anonymous” statement. If your actual name is behind the movement, you will easily be recognized for your voice being heard. Now if you are scared that you will be targeted by putting your actual name, then there are steps you can take to protect yourself. But you cannot expect a university to recognize the name of a movement when you do not formally put the person behind the movement in the forefront. Now if you have put your names out there since the “anonymous” label was placed on your movement, then great. You have taken a step forward. But understand that you as individuals make the movement. The movement does not make you. So YOUR name has to be out there as a supporter/contributor/advisor/etc of the movement. You cannot hide behind it. If this is something you are truly championing, do it with pride and put YOUR name in the forefront.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Cameron! Bust The B.U.B.B.L.E. (BTB or The Movement) has made it clear since its founding that it is a collective group of people with no ONE leader, so that no one politic overbears another. We understand that all black students are not the same; our individual experiences create our personal politics and no one politic should dominate another. BTB seeks to find a commonalities among the politics of black students and promote those through Diversity Education (like the Teach-Ins we held for Phase 1 of the Multi-Step Action Plan), Cultural Awareness (Phase 2 of the Multi-Step Action Plan aka this discussion forum) and Action-Oriented Activism (demonstrations, protests, etc). So the lack of one leader is intentional, but does not void us of an identity, nor does it declare a lack of pride. It is a statement of communal appreciation and inclusiveness for the black student perspective.

      What I found problematic in calling us “anonymous” is the insinuation that we have not taken ownership of our actions or have not held people accountable. And this is simply not the case. The founders of BTB, Founders X, have named themselves and exposed themselves to this campus consistently and publicly, without shame or fear. Whether that is through The Movement’s email signature, in the Welcome Page of this very blog, (tap the hyperlink), or in demonstrations on campus, we have made ourselves known. And it isn’t that Founders X speaks for all, but moreso for the safety issue you bring up–we don’t want a black student here at Butler to be physically confronted in an inappropriate manner or targeted simnply due of their involvement in BTB because they are already “profiled, persecuted and made into a pariah” for just being a black student. Founders X made the decision when forming BTB to take on a public identity if the need to be identified arises, and we would NEVER ask anyone else to take on that responsibility. This campus is unsafe for black students, as the TRULY anonymous app, Yik Yik, has shown. We, Founders X, would never willingly put our black brothas, sistas and non-binary family members into an unsafe predicament.


      1. Cool. I understand everything you said there. I also understand that if you are a black student that is a part of BTB you have a unique experience to someone else that is also a part of the movement as well. So yes, you represent the collection of voices and stories you’ve heard from black students on this campus. But all of these stories are unique in some way form or fashion. So I do not disagree with you at all about you and your movement. All I’m saying is that if you as an individual as a part of BTB want your story to be appreciated and recognized, you have to tell it to the people that you are demanding something from.

        As much as I understand that your narrative for having BTB represent black student voices, everyone that is a part of the movement has some uniqueness to their story. Those are the stories that need to be told by them and owned up to AS A PART OF the movement. And I’m sure you realize that there are unique and different stories within the BTB movement, but in a long-winded way, my point was that every person that is a part of BTB has a uniqe story to tell. Tell those stories to them. It’s one thing to post those stories on this blog hoping or directing them to see it. It’s another thing to tell these unique stories to their faces. And I am not promoting one avenue over another because I believe both can be used. But I know there is a way to have your story told to the administration as well.


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