Our Problem.

Author: David X


I will not sugarcoat our problem, so I will make it plain:

Butler University is sitting on a racial powder keg that if not dealt with will ultimately explode in the face of the institution. Likewise, in 2016 the nation itself  is sitting on an equally dangerous powder keg waiting to detonate as well.[1]

This is a powderkeg who’s fuse has been burning ever since our ancestors were dragged from their homes in Africa and brought to this wilderness called America.

If we understand the fact that we were stolen from our home continent and brought here not as citizens, but as property to be sold, used, shipped, inherited, and made to be everything under the sun except American then we have got to step one of solving our problem.

Because you would not need a hyphen if they truly thought you were American because the true Americans do not need hyphens.

So once you understand that you are not truly an American, because an American has his rights, true Americans do not need to ask for any equality because they are born with it. Americans do not catch hell over the same things you and I catch hell over.

If you were American there would be no housing discrimination. If you were American there would be no exploitation  in your community, there would be no ghetto.

If you were American you would not have to prove to the true Americans that you Matter. If you were American you would not have a significant portion of the country looking to “Make America Great Again”.[2]

If you were American, and the white man was truly sincere in his efforts to reconcile the feelings of black people then they would have come to the table to sit down and solve these problems already, but this is not the case.

So the black and brown populations are distrustful. As the new wave or trend of “consciousness” is entering the mind of black and brown people and we are becoming increasingly distrustful of any fork-tongued white man coming into our neighborhoods and communities pandering for our votes and resources and offering a solution to a problem that has plagued you and me for four centuries now.

For us to solve our problem and bring about the complete freedom of black and brown people here in the Western Hemisphere we must understand a few things.

We must understand that here in America our population in cities outnumber the majority of the cities on the African continent and if Africa can effectively organize and pool their people together to kick the white man and his vile institutions of colonialism off of their continent then we can do the same. If the African could, for a time[3] unite to fight their common enemy and defeat the systems that had chained them for so long then we could do the same right here in America.

So right here at our individual colleges and universities, we must cast aside our differences in order to truly achieve the liberation that we seek. Right here in America, in an unjust society that has proven it cannot or will not provide safety or equal treatment under the law, we must unite and put aside our petty differences to pool our resources together to fight our common enemy.

We must be clear about who our enemy is as well. It wasn’t Europe that was colonized, there was no Scramble for Europe, there was a scramble for Africa.

The white man was not the victim of the cruelest and protracted discriminatory treatment in history. The white man was not forced to build a nation for free.

The white man is not the one who was robbed of his history to the point where the only place we can find evidence of our past greatness is in the museums of the white people who conquered our empires.

And the problem we have in trying to reconcile and make the white man understand our plight is that he cannot understand the pain he inflicts on the victim because he is the one doing all the inflicting. You cannot expect the man who is kicking you in the gut to one day stop and magically understand the pain you feel from being kicked for so long. The only way that man can understand is if you start kicking him back.

But that frightens white people.

The pervasive fear that creeps into the mind of the white man that if educated, the black and brown people would do to white people, what they have done to the rest of the non-white populations is so deep rooted in his guilty conscious that it affects you and me today. So the white man must create vast arsenals of military power and condition their people so strongly to believe that this military might, this whip, is so strong that he must make an example out of a black and brown country (or person) from time to time to maintain his rule. [4]

Just as back in the fields of slavery the master or overseer would crack the whip, the slave master in our time is the American Empire, the European Union, its Israeli allies and their control over all forms of media, the government, education, food, the economy, space, war, international currency valuation, culture, vital resources, and peace.

And we must understand that our problem is a global one. Not only that we must understand what tools such a small population of people used to take control of the rest of the world. How did they do it?

Divide and conquer.

By playing you and I against one another and making us believe that light skinned or dark skinned or gay, transgender, male, female, nationality, etc. matters more than just being black [5].

You can see this narrative loud and clear in the aftermath of the now popular Jesse Williams speech [6] as the same light skinned vs dark skinned debate came about rather than  listening to the message he gave. This is the same tactics these fork-tongued white people use to divide us in the media, on social media, and at every opportunity, they can get and we believe it.

Whenever a black person comes and talks about their liberation or anything going against the system of white supremacy you’ll either find some house nigger who disagrees with him or the light skinned vs dark skinned trap we fall into so easily.

And that pervasive fear I was talking about only intensifies when these tactics of divide and conquer are disassembled through true black unity. The white man and his power structure become truly worried when black people regardless of if they are African, African-American, West Indian, Asian or otherwise unite or organize together to dismantle the Western Capitalist Power Structure which lives off the exploitation of those races.

I advocate anything on the national and international arena that will dismantle this western capitalist structure and protect the lives of black and brown people be it a Black Nationalist Army, Black Rifle Clubs, Self-Defense classes, a separate black nation [6] or anything else.

This kind of talk certainly scares white people and they will call it hate, but it is only right to look to defend ourselves when white institutions have proven time and time again that they are unable and unwilling to guarantee equal protection and treatment under the law.

If our university proves itself unable to assure a truly equitable environment in its campus environment and campus culture then I advocate those students use any and all means necessary to them to ensure that they gain them.



[1] The main place the white man should fear this powder keg exploding is in the ghettos he forces us to live in where black and brown populations wage war on each other. But if these populations ever smartened up and directed their rage at their oppressors they would quickly become a large militant army of the black populace. The second most dangerous place for this powder keg to explode is among the ranks of the angry, motivated, and organized students in the colleges and universities of America that has the sense enough to see through the veil of miseducation the white man has given us our whole life and envision a better world for ourselves.

[2] I believe in calling a spade a spade so what they really mean is Make America White Again. Trump’s lasting legacy, president or not, will be his creation of a radical right that is armed, bigoted, and just as “extreme” as any ISIS or ISIL. Right here in America, Trump has effectively placed a significant portion of the country under his banner of intolerance and with each speech, they become more and more emboldened to make America White Again. If that’s through terrorism like Charleston then so be it because political violence is the vehicle that Trump and his supporters happily ride.

[3] Neo-colonialism and modern-day slavery are still alive and well. The US Prison system is just one such instance of that modern day slavery. If you have student loans you’re a slave (or indentured servant, whatever makes you gotta tell yourself to make it hurt less) to a wage until you pay it off. Wage Slavery is the vilest system of slavery as well because it truly transcends race, religion, class, ability, gender, sex ect. because everyone has to eat on a basic human level right?

[4] See: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Pakistan,

[5] Which is why it is so important that we are able to learn our true history and it is sad that Butler University does not offer its black and brown students a major in which to learn about our own when it is supposedly built on the values of inclusive and diversity. Why there’s more diversity in the choices of ice cream in Atherton than courses for black and brown students to learn about their past.

[6] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO-MQ2V0OyE

[7] More on how we can achieve this available at http://www.blackresistance.squarespace.com

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