Author: Anthony Murdock II

So I got a question
Yea I’m just a lil confused
Its a question about oppression
And what I’m seeing on the news

How come when I wake up in the morning
Proceed to turn on the tube
All I see is murder bloody murder
Between the cops and  black youth

Never gone a day without hearin my brothas and sistas names
Sandra, Laquan, Dante and Eric
alongside police sirens and flashing lights
Man its getting real hectic

Blood flows through the streets like water down a drain
All of my black ppl can’t sit still
it’s hard to refrain

Cops thinkin they super stars
All fancy in they cop cars
the feds strapped you with a tazer and a gun
Now you should be treated like the Holy One

Yeah you way way up
above the very law you made


But Then you broke the law?
(Yepp) you whipped his ass…broke his jaw

And then you broke his back
Just gotta attack
Say it’s the last resort
but it’s the first resort
for a black
I’m talking bout the 9 millimeter gun
Remember the sound it makes
it goes click clack

Best believe I’m fed up
See my tears swellin up?!
Swear it’s time for a revolution
Me and my niggas we finna rise up

But before we rise
Gotta get down on my knees
And i put my hands together
Amazing grace…my hands real squeezed

I ask God for some wisdom
On the next move to make
I’m tired of sitting in the huddle
Coach call a play and the team say break

Then we SNAP!!
…The ball into action

Its like I’m a wide receiver
I’m out here running…always having to do the most
And my defender playing me illegally
Swear it’s Killin me I’m bout to go ghost

But I can’t  leave now
It’s the end of the game And we down by 5
We need a touchdown to win but it’s look like a 152 yard drive

Enough with the metaphors
Enough with the similes
Ain’t no figurative language needed
To explain my lost brothas and sistas seliloques

Bout time we got real
We want some retribution
Cuz we tired of sitting down
Time for a revolution

Yall cops in trouble

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