Young Black Queen: The King And His Followers

Poet: Natalie Murdock of University High School of Indiana

It is painful, frustrating

To be overlooked and forced out of touch

To come to grips with the fact

That she has to work twice as hard for half as much


But in the thunder and rain

She seeks out her poetic justice

“The King and his followers will figure it out”

She says, “to me they must adjust”


She struggled continuously in her life

With accepting Social Darwinism

She didn’t understand why the King and His followers

Hated the principles of Martin and Malcolm


But rather than allowing that struggle

To keep her from fulfilling her duties

She acknowledged the struggle, worked through it,

And understood in this struggle there is beauty.


She cannot be moved

A strong force of nature. Unstoppable. Beautiful. Brown.


And as she proceeds to be judged by the King.

She is refused the opportunity of a crown.


The King believes

She is not acceptable just because of her skin

She is not extended resources

And is viewed by the king as “less than”


All of the King’s followers

Obviously chose to follow suit

Staring at her body and features

They are extremely harsh in what they do.


But the King and his followers

Really pushed to get in her head

“Girl we know all you’re good for

Is hair braiding and the bed””


But she knew through all of this

She was worth more

Though nobody believed

She had a high GPA and ACT score.


Battered and broken, and covered with negativity

She did not become

Instead she lived persistently,

Focused on being number one.


When she would study

the king and his followers

Would look at her like she’s crazy

“Guys, ya’ll know she ain’t gone get nothin better than a C”


But crazy she was not

Her journey had just begun

They didn’t see what was going on

But she knew she had won


When it came to her confidence

She knew the king did not matter

She did not allow them to reduce her to their

Ridiculous thoughts and labels and the word “nigger”


She walked, she talked,

and she also believed

That despite the king and his rejection

She knew she was a young, black, queen.


Though the King and his followers

They attempted to bog her down

It was deep inside her beautiful soul

That she was able to find her crown.


She’s royalty. Full of loyalty, positivity,

Best believe…she will fulfill her dream.

She’s a young, black, queen.

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