F— Your Government Cheese

Poet: Bintou Doumbia of Butler University

Phase One

They say go to school, get an education and you can become anything you want to be

But what can I be/ But can I B?  With this government cheese

They say dream and never give up, if you work hard enough you’ll make it

But I’ve been working all my life for only your government cheese

They say if you obey by the law, we are here to serve and protect you

But why do I end up processed in a casket like government cheese

They say I’m not racist, my best friend is black

But he ain’t got no say so while you eating your steak and red skin potatoes

They speak but never listen to the truth about this government cheese

They create this disease of destruction of my people

The keys: pain and manipulation

The outcome: division and frustration

Phase Two

They KILL us for Wallets

. . . . . . . .They KILL us for Hoodies

They KILL us for Loosies

. . . . . . . .They KILL us for CDs

They KILL us for our Hair, our Nose, our Skin, our Talent

But they can’t KILL our SOULS

WE are TREASURE, people that are CHERISHED

WE are the CREATOR of all humanity


We are VISONARIES that paint visions with WORDS

We are NATURAL healers


What we are NOT, RATS

Animals to be EXPERIMENTED on

Objects that are USED and then DISPOSED by murder

WE will no longer be forced to CONSUME your government cheese

Now on three, smile and say this with me, “FUCK YOU AND YOUR GOVERNMENT CHEESE”


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