A Letter To My Unconscious Self

Author: Gilbert King of The Kroger Company

Dear Student of Color,

Remember how you first became aware of your condition? Aware that you will be treated differently than everybody else? I know you remember those long conversations in the barbershop.  Especially hanging out on the southside of Chicago, talking about the oppression of said institutions? How about our continual struggle through oppression? Institutions built through oppression and injustice reveal themselves in several ways over a lifetime, as we see now through the Blue crucifixion of #BlackLivesMatter. When our meaning is not even malicious.

I want you to remember these things, because in the time of adversity, your ‘WHY’ is what is going to help you come out on top. The “why” is your reason for staying conscious.. Because people can ignore it, my first piece of advice would be to not ignore any vibes or any intuitions. While it is going to take you some time to delve deeper into  your why and even longer to truly become the embodiment of such, you will continue to explore but stay conscious and active. The journey either began now or is in the midst of continuation.

In college you will party, you will have fun but you must also work to develop your plan for leaving your mark. Be aware of all the experiences you encounter and weary of those energies.. It’s so much more important than you think. Oppressive institutions are meant to drain the energy of those who can transcend above it. And the thing about double consciousness is that you must seek to feed your soul as well as your pocketbook. Living conscious is Ubuntu(giving back), it is giving back and paying it forward. Living in today’s society, you can’t always do both- although the goal is just that. Feed your soul and the rest will follow. I say these things to say, that remembering why you chose to learn more about your history is important and should continue to be. In school, there are so many distractions. But it is your first shot at grown life.. So live strong, be faithful to your cause and continue to be a beacon of positive energy and social action against injustice.


A brotha you can relate to

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