Love Walk Partner Spotlight: Butler Police Department

  1. What is the name and mission of your organization?  Butler University Police Department (BUPD). Campus safety is our priority. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) at Butler University is dedicated to keeping our campus safe. We offer educational and awareness programs on crime prevention and emergency response for students, faculty, and staff. We also continually make safety enhancements to campus grounds and develop precautionary measures that touch every aspect of campus life.
  2. In the last year, what are three major events/accomplishments of your organization?  Director John Conley was sworn in as the new Chief of Police. Several interdepartmental promotional and structural changes took place: Captain Tony Rivera, Captain Diane Sweeney, Sgt. Roy Betz, Detective Mark Crawn, Detective / Community Liaison Courtney White. The department welcomed new officers: Scott McKinney, Korey Flinn, Joe Turney, Lindsey Marshall, and Daniel Birt, as well as welcoming Jeremy Moore as the new Director of Parking Services.
  3. How did you develop a relationship with Bust The B.U.B.B.L.E.?  Chief Conley met Anthony during a protest on campus by an outside group which was targeting our students. They did not know each other but reached out to one another and worked together to calm our students. A mutual respect came from it and they began to talk at other campus gathering about their values and how we could work together for the greater good. Captain Diane Sweeney reached out to the organization to offer opportunities for training and to find out how we were viewed. We began seeing each other in a different light.
  4. Why was being a partner in this Walk with Bust The B.U.B.B.L.E. important to you?  Being a partner in this Walk is important to BUPD for many reasons. A primary goal of our department is to establish, maintain and support relationships with organizations and communities both within and around Butler. Members of Bust The B.U.B.B.L.E. have been in contact with our department on several different occasions including personal meetings, trainings, open forums and personal engagements. Being a part of this walk allows us to join together with students and community members alike in rejoicing and celebrating a holiday.
  5. What are some of your organization’s upcoming events that you’d like our readers to know about?  On Saturday, February 4th, Butler University will be joining together with Special Olympics Indiana in once again bringing the Polar Plunge to our campus. Special Olympic athletes from across the state will be coming to Butler to join members of the University and the community in raising money for the organization. This year officers with BUPD will be taking the plunge in memory of Captain Chris Marcum. We ask that you support Special Olympics Indiana by joining us in taking the plunge or making a donation to the BUPD Team, of which all proceeds go directly to Special Olympics Indiana. To make donations please visit

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