Love Walk Partner Spotlight: NPHC

  1. What is the name and mission of your organization?  National Pan-Hellenic Council at IUPUI. The purpose of  NPHC shall be to foster cooperative actions of its members in the dealing with matters of mutual concern. To this end, the NPHC promotes the well-being of its affiliate fraternities and sororities, facilitates the establishment and development of local councils of the NPHC and provides leadership training for its constituents.
  2. In the last year, what are three major events/accomplishments of your organization? Last semester, NPHC hosted our annual Multicultural Greek Yard Show and an event titled “Our Mental Matters”, focusing on the importance mental health education in the black community.
  3. How did you develop a relationship with Bust The B.U.B.B.L.E.? We have developed a relationship with Bust The B.U.B.B.L.E. through members who attend Butler and their personal connection to the Founders.
  4. Why was being a partner in this Walk with Bust The B.U.B.B.L.E. important to you? We wanted to support Bust The B.U.B.B.L.E. in general because it is an organization that promotes the changes and education that our community needs, particularly at predominantly white institutions. For this event in particular, we feel that it is important to honor Dr. Martin Luther King in collaboration with Bust The B.U.B.B.L.E.
  5. What are some of your organizations’s upcoming events that you’d like our readers to know about? We have our 2nd annual Stroll Off on February 16th and a full week of events at the end of March. Follow iupui_nphc on Instagram for more information!

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